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The Home Of The Androgynous Biscuit

[also, cheese muffins]

Androgynous Biscuit
20 July
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Hi there. I'm Joe. I just turned twenty, and I live in Notts, England. I have an amazing FIANCE, Kill (whom I love dearly and who is quite possibly the most beautiful, intelligent and sweet person in the world, 'liek, evar'. Also HOTLIEKWHOA. ^^). I am soon to be attending uni, where I am doing degrees in Art, Programming, Graphics (A&D) and Music. I play guitar and bass, and some drums (although the latter I suck at). Friend me and I'll probably friedn you back, unless you're some kind of raving 'phobe who doesn't like music or sarcasm. In which case, fuck off, choke on your food, and die. ...I'm done. =D

your_sex_pixie <3s killthepassion. Plain and simple.
Thanks to Neko for the luuurvely pic. Thankyou schweedie!

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Date Created:2004-07-29
Number of Posts: 84

Joe is a wonderfully freakish blue-haired biscuit-freak who dabbles in androgyny and graphic design. His favourite things are food and his amazingly lovely boyfriend Kill. :)
Strengths: Friendly, intelligent, open-minded, outgoing, loveable
Weaknesses: Sings very loudly at inopportune times, sarcastic when provoked, tendency to nance
Special Skills: Glomp Attack (a.k.a THE FLYING HUG), Super Sarcasm Sheild, Sex-Ray
Weapons: Astoundingly bright blue hair to blind enemies and warn off predators, a sharp tongue
Allies: Kill, Jools, Reg, Dames, Lily, Darie, Mitch, Phish, Mik, Sy, Neko, all the dudes from across the Pond (Kike, Liza, Dee, Annabel, Xardra and co.), and of course Kabie (r.i.p my lovely). <3

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