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Androgynous Biscuit
11 September 2006 @ 05:43 pm
Hello! Hope you're all okay and had a good summer!

Wow, it's been months and months since I last updated! We've been SO busy, you would not believe how very very busy we have been! What with coursework over the break, and....

We went on holiday together - sort of a belated honeymoon if you will! - to the BEEEOOTIFUL island of Menorca (I don't care what anyone says, it's still fabulous and not going downhill at all!!!). It was absolutely fabulous, even though the only words of Spanish I know are "hola", "sí", "me llamo Joe", etc etc. ALso "la cuenta", but Kill has forbidden me from ever saying it ever again because I can only say it in a ridiculously bad and highly exaggerated Mexican accent. That actually sounds Russian, for some reason. Also when I actually attempt a Russian accent, it comes out semi-Scottish. Bit weird, that. o__O
Anyway, I digress. We went to Menorca at the beginning of August and stayed for two weeks in this gorgeous little villa.

Everything is going swell. :) Everything is just...fantastic. (Despite the fact that

Me and Kill are having a great time doing very domestic things and having lots of marital sex and just generally being together.

I've never been happier.

I love, love, love this man.

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Androgynous Biscuit
09 April 2006 @ 11:40 am
It's less than a month until I get married.

Did you hear that...?



*counces up and down uncontrollably*

I have NO time, I FINALLY have a break from lectures for a few days and so does Killy, so tomorrow we're taking a trip down to Ireland for about three days to stay in the little cottage again. I also wanted to go shopping and find some lovely things for the wedding. :D Of course, it is irish Celtic themed, as we are an Irish Celtic family! You can't be Irish pagan and have a normal wedding. Ma is still insisting she will cook and I will not, but although I will have no time to do it, what with all the getting ready for OUR WEDDING!!!! but I would still rather Ma didn't, as she sucks. :P Plus she's family, I want her to be having a good time, not slaving away as a staff. 

Anyway, packing. :)

Sorry about not updating for amillion years, been busy what with bookings and stuff and shopping, etc, etc. Hope everyone is well.

Androgynous Biscuit
14 February 2006 @ 08:34 pm

It's Valentines Day!

Yes, it's a pile of cheesy commericalised crap generated by corporate imagination and schemingness, and yes, it's overwhelmingly pink, but what the hell. Spread the love, all. (But not in a herpes way.)

ANYWAY! I had a lovely day with my Killy today but boo! hiss! he buggered off to work about an hour ago. :( Oh well, he clocks off at nine today because his boss r0xx0rz. That's the groovy thing about living with someone, you don't have to miss each other for long.

So we went out for lunch today at this really pretty little cafe on Kiker Street (KIKE! it's almost like your name!) and stuffs.

I bought him flowers and this beautiful painting he saw in the art gallery but I meanly said we couldn't really afford last week. :D Hehehe. And he bought me an AWESOME Cyberdog hoodie that I've been lusting after for ages - it's black with Japanese kata on the front and a pair of mecha-angel wings on the back, and all fitted and prettyful. IT ROCKS!

I have to go now, want to watch Friends.
Androgynous Biscuit
29 January 2006 @ 06:05 pm
Yes, occasionally I turn into even more of a rioting queer than usual - don't you love it when that happens? - and have decided to have a lazy day ignoring my coursework and dancing to really shitty old pop songs whilst Kill is at work. *boo hiss boo*

I'll let you in on a secret....I'm wearing women's underwear. :P

La la la.

Life is good.

I'm just going to pretend I don't have mountains compositions to write....

University is haaaard....

La la la, life is good.
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Androgynous Biscuit
26 January 2006 @ 05:40 pm
Today was fun...it was for no apparent reason an off-day at Killy's school, and I didn't have any lectures to attend today so we went to the park and met up with a bunch of people. We finally met Reg's girlfriend FAYA, who he's been with for like three months but she's so mega-shy she hasn't come out to see us yet. She's really pretty and sweet and we like her. I think we've adopted her. This is good. *beams*

Also, DEMON! Demon of the effin' bright blue dreads! Haven't seen him for ages...crazy motherfucker. Also Ning, who's crazier than anyone I've ever met. Bit of a 'tard, it has to be said. I don't know many other people who actually attempt to run up walls. It's like he doesn't feel pain.

Many new people who I don't know are about...all the liddle first-year sixth formers from Killy's school who have been adopted by Mik and co...I can't remember any of their names, except one whose name was Chris but that's boring so his new name is Penguin. Reg's idea.

So that was fun! Couldn't be arsed to stay out past four though so me and K went home and curled up with a film.

*whispers* It's Valentine's Day soon...ssssh. ;) I'm doing something special.

Haven't told many people the good news yet (did I mention WE'RE GETTING FUCKIN' MARRIED?) except for the effervescent and lovely Reg, tiger-Lily and Dames. Who were all ecstatic, especially Lily. I made a girl cry, for the first time in almost three years! :D I'm almost proud. ...Almost.

NOW IT'S TIME FOR FOOOOD. I need to teach Kill how to cook, cause he's hopeless. XD Yeah, I'll pay for saying that, but I think it's important that you-all know the truth.

Androgynous Biscuit
29 December 2005 @ 12:31 pm
Merry Yule everyone! It's been a good one this year, and I would love to spam you all with details, but I have something far more important to say first!

On 1st May 2006....


HOW COOL IS THAT! It's uber-cool, that's how cool it is! OMG! *going to burst or wet self with excitement and bliss*

And it's not the compromise of a civil union either - on 21 Dec the new law was passed, and same sex civil partnerships (that's basically the same 'legal procedure' with all the same legal rights and accordances of a hetero marriage, except under a diferent name to stop the Bible-bashers and 'phobes getting their knickers in a twist) ARE NOW LEGAL IN GREAT BRITAIN! :D :D :D

Our original plan was to have a handfasting on Beltaine, then get the civil union registered the next day. We're still doing the handfasting ceremony, but we're combining it with the signing for the civil-partnership registration. So it's a real wedding! :D


In other news, Yule and Christmas (that's the nice thing about having a boyfriend - actually, would that make him my fiance now? *g* - whose parents are non-pagan...we get to celebrate both!) were both great....On Yule we went to my mother's for her circle (which i got to lead! I haven't led a circle for ages and I forgot how exhilarating it can be) and on Xmas Day Anna and Darie and Mitch and Kill's grandparents visited. Last night Reg had a party, which was fun, and I still have a slight hangover, but nevermind. ^^

ANYWAY! I'm so happy. Goddamn I'm happy. I never thought I would ever get married. Maybe the world is getting a little less prejudiced after all. :)
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Androgynous Biscuit
01 October 2005 @ 07:40 pm
I feel less like uke today. Very snotty but with any luck I will feel well enough to maybe make it back to uni on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Not much point just going in Thursday arvo, really, since all I have is Programming that day. But still.

Graaargh. BORED STIFF. But at least I'm not puking my guts up and I don't have a high temperature and a blinding migraine anymore. In fact I just feel like I have a particularly evil little bastard of a head-cold.

Gak. Tired, though. Too tired... bye all.


ETA: And I just caught the unintentional mistake in this post. I meant to say I felt less like puke, not less like uke. Heheh.

...although I guess I am feeling quite seme lately, hehehehe. ;)
Androgynous Biscuit
27 September 2005 @ 08:03 pm
Yes, that's right, I AM BACK. :)

I have been in hospital for the past TWO WEEKS with pneumonia, can you believe it? Fucking A, I got pneumonia! In August! WTF?! Anyway, I got out of THE PLACE OF EV0L AND D00M on Sunday, and have basically been lounging around, all snotty and shivery and gross and unable to stand, walk or do much of anything for more than fifteen minutes without feeling sick and shaky for the past three days. Today is the first day I actually only felt a little bit sick, and well enough to do something other than sleep and read and watch the fucking TV. So, being the sparkling social butterfly I am, I'm surfing the 'Net and checking on LJ.

KILL HAS BEEN AN ANGEL. @:) A fucking star and a half, thanks darling. <3 He's been at school and work mainly but in the mornings he woke me up made me eat breakfast so I didn't go hypoglycemic and collapse, and in the evenings he has just been here to make me food if I feel like I can keep anything down. And now I am going to curl up with him on the sofa and watch Lost. Yay. :)

I still feel like shit, but a hundred hundred million times better than I did. Which is good.

Man it is SO good to be home. I hate hospitals. Scary.
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Androgynous Biscuit
08 September 2005 @ 07:45 pm
OMG I LOVE UNI kdsfgjoa;;;

It is fucking cool. I have been attending for only a week but it is truly great here. All the freedom you could ever want, some of the most interesting things I have ever learnt, plus! It's close to home, and me and Kill both go home to eat lunch. Which means we eat most of if not all our meals together. :) It's really nice.

**Joe Gets Mushy Interlude**Collapse )

*clears throat* Ahem. :) Now that's been said...hope all you guys are doing well and having fun back at school/college/work etc.
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Androgynous Biscuit
29 August 2005 @ 08:50 pm
Seven Songs Meme:
#1) I'll Be Yours (Placebo)
#2) Ravenous (Arch Enemy)
#3) Angel of Darkness (Arch Enemy)
#4) Keine Lust (Rammstein)
#5) You Know You're Right (Nirvana)
#6) Prozac People (Killing Joke)
#7) Hangar (Megadeth)

Annnd. I am too tired to do anything else. *dies*
i hear: Placebo - I'll Be Yours